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Are you a fan of fetishism? Welcome to my world, I am also. I introduce myself: my name is Ronald, I am from Bulgaria, I am 26 years old and I am in the hexagon for the job. I am a computer specialist in a large box. I can be said to be well paid. With my salary I can insure all my expenses, I make an economy and I can even afford small pleasures from time to time. I offer myself girls like male pornstars to massage myself or to kiss why not.

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Today, I brought a pretty prostitute who I met in box on Friday night. I think I'll ask him to make me a ticklish feet and a good part of leg in the air filmed. She knocks on the door, I'm already excited. She refreshes a little and I prepare our ring. I also prepare the camera to make our video. She comes out of the shower dressed only in a thong and nothing else. My eyes are placed on her breasts and then her round buttocks. But I will not miss the opportunity to devour the look of her pretty little feet sexy. She approaches, kisses me passionately and takes off my clothes. I order him to give me a blowjob. It runs.

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I am now very excited as never before. I band like a horse in rut. But I have no desire to penetrate it. I want her to masturbate me with her feet. Thought, thing done. This bitch loves to be given orders. In the meantime, I enjoy the sight of her shaved pussy. As I film the action, I ask him to spread his legs well so that the cam can capture the image of his slot wet. But I film especially his tickling feet that alternate the vas and comes on my cock and my balls. She has experience this bitch. She squeaks too. Just seeing her wet pussy, I know she also enjoys this fetish video. To finish our session, I want to penetrate it with my toes. I play with her clitoris to make her enjoy and I enjoyed her at the same time.

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