lesbian foot therapy

A camera well placed in the room, soft light, these two lesbians have planned to do good that will relieve them of their long day. A little massage and see what happens next. They are already dressed for the occasion, just a body coated with fragrant oil for the pleasure of the senses.

Well-deserved caresses

All soft and tired, the two women caress themselves in front of their TV, but in fact this is where the camera is. They start leu camfoot by a back massage. One of the babes climbs on the other and gives him a massage with the feet. Some tingling on the back and the foot goes down to the ass then caresses the buttocks and anus with the toes. Wonderfully well, this lesbian comes to shake his girlfriend's pussy with her foot and the work is perfectly done. A sticky liquid comes out of this vagina, then she comes down from the couch and licks it with her tongue. His girlfriend, meanwhile, is seated after enjoying this pleasure. So, she takes the place of her girlfriend and does the same massage and this time she does the front. She plays with the nipples of the beautiful creature with the thumb and indexes her feet and the latter rejoices in the satisfaction she feels after that. A mutual satisfaction that these beautiful women know how to share.

Solo is good, two is better

The two girls, lying face to face on the sofa begin their fetish fuck. One touches the other's pussy and makes her penetrate her toes then her foot. The bitch screams of happiness and well-being that his companion makes him feel in him stuffing the pussy with this foot so fine. But it is not yet finished, this therapy wants the beautiful is completely satisfied so with the other foot, the hottie fucks his asshole. An awesome moment and simply rich in pleasure that the girl ended up pissing on and covering her friend's feet.

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